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May 31, 2018
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July 18, 2018

EEG Unit For Pediatric Intensive Care Unit

ROW has made a grant to Santokba Durlabhjii Memorial Hospital in Jaipur, India for the purchase of an EEG unit for their pediatric intensive care unit (PICU). We are pleased to partner with a hospital whose core value of compassion means that 10% of their beds are dedicated to treating the poor and needy at no cost.

SDMH was founded in 1971 in Jaipur, capital city of Rajasthan. Forty years later it is a multidisciplinary, 551-bed, hospital with several wards, operating theaters, ICUs, and laboratories. It serves the entire state of Rajasthan and neighboring states.

Every month, 25-30 neurologically- affected children are admitted to the Santokba Durlabhji Memorial Hospital in Jaipur, India PICU. On average, there are one or two EEG recordings done daily for acute seizure patients. At least once a month, a child needs continuous EEG monitoring for up to a week. Until now, the PICU hasn’t had a dedicated EEG machine. They have depended on borrowing an adult neurology department unit when it was free, sometimes waiting up to a week to use it.

ROW has granted $15,200 to purchase a Nihon-Koden portable 32-channel video EEG system. With this new machine, the PICU will offer routine and continuous EEG monitoring to patients at a subsidized cost to the parents. No longer will they have to wait for the diagnosis and care they urgently need. According to neurologist Dr. Vivek Jain, the availability of frequent or continuous monitoring will help prevent long- term morbidity due to undiagnosed seizures.

Dr. Jain and SDMH have been on our EEG wait-list for about three years, waiting patiently for us to be financially able to make this grant. As we continue to grow, we will shrink the gap between learning of needs for equipment and medication and fulfilling them in pursuit of our ultimate goal: One World, One Standard!

We have outstanding requests for EEG equipment in the following countries: Swaziland, Ghana, Nigeria, Cameroon and Guatemala. If you would like to help us save lives by meeting these urgent requests, contact Lori Hairrell:, or visit

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