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The New Frontier of Social Enterprise

Scott Boyer | TEDx North Central College
Today I want to talk about the evolution of social enterprise how are going from not-for-profit foundations to social enterprise enterprises to have the ability to not only sustain their business and also scale their operations.

Treatment for the Rest of the World

Scott Boyer
Scott Boyer spent 27 years working in the pharmaceutical business. One day he realized that the “rest of the world”, the ROW countries, where the majority of the people live, didn’t have access to life-changing medications or treatment.

One World. One Standard.

Scott Boyer
One day, I was analyzing market research data about a new drug. The wealthy and emerging markets were lined up together in a bar graph. And there was this small, lonely bar on the far end of the chart that called out to me. ‘ROW’ was the title and it stood for Rest Of World. That’s where the ROW Foundation got its name.

The Pharmaceutical Social Enterprise

OWP has navigated the red tape of the pharmaceutical industry, transferring profits to its majority owner, the ROW Foundation, which carries the same standard of treatment to those suffering from epilepsy in the rest of the world.


Chicago-area drug company uses half its profits to fight epilepsy.


ROW Foundation Grants Humanitarian Aid

International League Against Epilepsy
The ROW Foundation recently made a medication humanitarian aid grant of 125 cases of Roweepra® (levetiracetam USP) to Cuatro por Venezuela, based in Houston, TX.

One World, One Standard

Naperville MAGAZINE
It’s hard to fathom a world where treatments for people with epilepsy are unavailable—places where the social stigma of the disease is so strong that people are shunned, and even killed, for having a seizure. Those places do, unfortunately, exist in many developing countries. And while large pharmaceutical companies, collectively known as “Big Pharma,” focus on supplying medication to wealthy countries, they all but ignore the others.

OWP Pharmaceuticals, Twinned with a Not-For-Profit (ROW Foundation) Focuses on Affordable Access to Select Neuro/Psych Neuroscience Drugs

PR Newswire
NAPERVILLE, Ill., July 12, 2018 / A potentially important story is unfolding in the pharmaceutical industry, with respect to both a new business model in the US, and a way to relieve human suffering in some parts of the developing world.

$2 Million and Counting!

Mike Hamel
This summer the ROW Foundation surpassed the $2 million mark in medication and monetary grants to alleviate the suffering caused by epilepsy around the world. As a result, thousands of people in places like Sierra Leone, Haiti, Armenia, Bolivia, Venezuela, and India have new hope for a brighter future.

Pharmaceutical Social Enterprise 2.0: Small Miracle in Big Pharma

Solutions Journal
The ROW Foundation is NOT a short-term solution to a long-term problem. OWP Pharmaceuticals is the sustainable, ongoing economic engine that underwrites the ROW Foundation’s programs. As the for-profit company grows, so does the charitable work of the ROW Foundation.


How this pharma executive retired to help people around the world.


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