EEG Unit For Pediatric Intensive Care Unit
June 27, 2018
$2 Million In Life-Saving Medication!
August 23, 2018

One Life At A Time!

We are halfway into 2018 and couldn’t be more excited about the work we are privileged to do. We get to partner with some wonderful people to help those who through a misfortune of geography don’t have access to the medical treatments we take for granted. Simple treatment that can make all the difference.

So far, we have sent medication grants to Sierra Leone, Haiti, Armenia, and Kenya. Plans for new medication grants are in varying stages of development with organizations in Ethiopia, Cameroon, Democratic Republic of Congo, and Paraguay. In the next six months, we plan to launch diagnosis and training projects in India, the Republic of Georgia, Nepal and Cameroon. In May, we granted funds for the purchase of a portable EEG unit for a hospital in Jaipur, India.

We have also introduced one of our partners that specializes in neuro-diagnostic training to an epilepsy association needing assistance in Zimbabwe. Learn about the individual lives that are being transformed around the world by signing up for our monthly updates on our homepage

The burgeoning work of ROW is funded by the success of OWP Pharmaceuticals, which is launching their second branded medication, Subvenite (lamotrigine, USP), which is prescribed both for epilepsy and psychiatric disorders. Growth brings challenges and changes. To build the infrastructure needed to support that growth, OWP has asked Paul Regan to switch roles for a season. Paul has agreed to become their Chief Operating Officer and to use his considerable management experience and organizational expertise to facilitate the next stage of OWP’s expansion.

At the unanimous request of our board, Ken Koskela, our current Director of Global Programs, has agreed to serve as Acting President. Ken came to ROW with a dual MBA in International Business and Finance, and more than 25 years of experience with international nonprofits. The emphasis is on “international” as he has traveled to more than 90 countries and been to Africa more than 80 times. Ken has helped launch multimillion dollar initiatives and overseen program design and management around the world.

For Ken, the ROW Foundation is a perfect fit as he was diagnosed with epilepsy at a young age, which has been effectively controlled by medication. He has first-hand knowledge of the critical importance of effective diagnosis and treatment and the life-changing impact it can have. He has also seen how hard it is to live with epilepsy in parts of the world where treatment isn’t available.

Thanks for your ongoing interest in our work.

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